Introducing the Replit Desktop App 🖥️

No i dont see it on the Github org

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The desktop app is stuck on its login page: When I run the app from my windows desktop, it opens my default browser to the replit login page. Then when I log in I remain in the browser environment. The app remains on the initial page with the message “Your browser should open automatically” etc.


@ornella will the app ever get native runtime support? Eg: run code off of our own CPU, GPU, and ram? This I feel would encourage a lot more traffic to the app and would also offload your own servers from a lot of work. Memory I understand why you would need to keep, as everything would still be saved on the cloud. As of late, I have not used replit in a long time, because of how limited it feels compared to VS Code + Git on my own machine. If the option to run the code through my own CPU were added, I would (and Im sure others feel the same) probably go download it immediately and start coding.


Sadly no, because then people could just easily rip it and make their own version/clone of Replit


I notice this asked a lot. The point of Repls is that they are CLOUD CONTAINERS; computers that run on a server somewhere. If you really want to use your own resources on your own computer, then just DOWNLOAD THE LITERAL PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE! The point of Replit is to revolutionize this step; run things in the cloud so you don’t have to have your own server or keep it running. If you want to use your own computing power, take a single backwards step.


Well apps are (analogously) essentially HTML and if people can rip off html then they can rip off the app

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Yeah, but they secure it way more (by obfuscation, the unique css-* classes, etc.)


Then obfuscate the app.

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I would disagree- the point of replit as it was when I joined in 2017 was to revolutionize the portability of code… their homepage said “Code anywhere”. I do download the languages myself, but the replit IDE is vastly superior in terms of setup time… just write then hit run. Running it off your own CPU does not change anything about the core of replit. The portability aspect of replit does not change, in fact, it increases.

More people will come to use the replit desktop app if it is a genuinely good environment, and it will be once you can run code on your own CPU. More people on the app = more people who will download the mobile app, more people who will use it when they travel. It allows people to code on chromebooks at school, and once they get home, get on a more powerful machine and pick up their work from there


Can i install replit in chromebook

You could install the PWA on a Chromebook.

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  1. Use the app from Google Play Store (not recommended) or
  2. Search “linux” in your Settings, install it, and then download the Linux version of Replit Desktop. (As python660 talked about earlier, you may need to change the user agent string so that it knows you’re trying to download the Linux version)
  3. Use wine (less recommended than #2), by installing Linux the same way, but then searching how to install Wine, and then you can download the Windows version and use it. (Which again, you may need to change the agent string for still)

Since the Chromebook doesn’t have a specific version for it, it will just see all of them instead.

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Yep this would work although it’s definitely not the best way.

Good idea assuming that the Linux app support is a new enough version of Debian.

I couldn’t get it to work on Wine (Staging). It installed and loaded but it couldn’t handle the browser verification.

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hey @sojs!

Thanks for your interesting in the app. I’m the lead engineer on the project so happy to chime in here and answer any questions. We get asked about local resource support a lot (understandably) and while we do hope to add it eventually it is not on our roadmap at the moment and it may not be anytime soon as there are platform limitations that prevent us from supporting this.

In the meantime, you will still need to be connected to the internet in order to use the app.


Hi, I’m really enjoying the #Replit100daysofcode and the new app.

There may be a way that I haven’t looked into yet but when I finish one of the tutorials, I would like the option of going to the next tutorial in the sequence. As it stands, I have to go to the learning hub in a browser to activate it.


Please make a Feature Request topic for that in Feature Requests.


Some kind soul already published on AUR. I frick love the Linux community <3


Try to disable real-time protection.

DO NOT. That protects you from ransomware. Please, just click a few buttons to get past windows smartscreen.