Introducing the Replit Desktop App 🖥️

Today, we’re excited to announce the Replit Desktop App. The Replit Desktop App extends Replit beyond the browser for a more native development experience.

Here’s why you should add it to your toolkit:

  • Focused Coding: Enjoy a native, “zen-mode” like Replit experience on macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Easily Accessible: Create multiple windows for different Repls and directly access Replit from your dock or home screen.
  • Enhanced Keyboard Shortcuts: Use shortcuts typically not available in the browser.
  • Familiar Feel: Code on Replit in a form factor that may be more comfortable.

For more on the Replit Desktop App, check out the announcement blog post.

Download the Replit Desktop App today, and as always, comment below to let us know what you think!


Does Replit intend to add support for other mainstream Linux distros in the future or just Debian-based OSes? I’m on Arch right now and have had no luck installing the app via wine or debtap. I would appreciate (though not expect as I’m in the minority here) support for other main Linux distros such as Arch and Fedora/Red Hat. Perhaps Replit could release it as a snap or flatpak so that ALL distros could install it?


I cool featue would be to give the user the option if they want to run the repl locally (so in their hardware, not on repls vm’s) the repl then uses the laptop/pc of the client to run repls (so they user gets more speed than just 0.5 cpu), but they are not able to store them on the cloud as a trade of (except for the hack, pro plan).


I would like to have the home page and community here on the desktop version!


beautiful achievement!


Very true!
P.S. Welcome to Ask!

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Agreed 100%
Also welcome!


very cool, i like it



Thanks that worked! I had gotten so far as to edit the .PKGINFO file but I hadn’t gotten it quite right. I’d still like to see it released as an official flatpak or something but at least now I can use it. :slight_smile: I wish I had been able to do this earlier as I was in the beta.

little request/question is it possible for you to create a local project on the replit app, than you can also run it on it, but use your device as the server if that makes since, and even possibly use a replit enviorment as like a testing server for your project, and maybe even use replits domains for your localy hosted project


It is not possible at the moment but quite a few users have requested this so maybe it will be implemented eventually.


Does replit now support running projects using Docker on the local machine? If not, could you explain why this is supposed to be more useful than a normal PWA?


To me it seems like it’s really supposed to be a more dedicated experience rather than a browser tab.

Browsers can be messy, and having an application rather than just a browser can give them more options that a browser can’t.

It’s more accessible, less “noisy” than being in a browser tab, and has potential for more functionality that some can take advantage of. Overall I think it is a positive addition to Replit, but I would like to see the option to also explore other areas of Replit instead of just a single Repl. However I do appreciate the slim form factor of the current approach and I will be using this a lot over the next week to see if I like it more than the standard web experience.


I already said that. kind of suggestion


also you should add a way to download the app for other platforms in a link called Other Downloads because being limited to only one type is not very good.

look at the message 1 above urs i alr asked that


What do you mean by that?
It has links for three platforms, and Mac and Linux both have two options depending on your CPU.


i think what he is saying is that when on a for example windows machine, you can only see the windows download, and that he dosent like that, is that correct @python660

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On a Linux machine I see all three.

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