Introducing Replit ModelFarm


To accompany last week’s release of Autoscale and Static Deployments, we’re launching Replit ModelFarm - the fastest and most secure way to build Generative AI applications. From now until October 15th, all Hacker and Pro users will have free access to a selection of Gen AI models offered by Google Cloud Vertex AI. All the models are accessible both from the development environment and from any deployed app, just by installing the Replit AI libraries in Python or JavaScript.

Replit ModelFarm supports chat models, code models, and text embeddings. To find out more, check out our documentation or try out sample app. For now, Gen AI models are accessible for Pro and Hacker subscribers, so upgrade your account to get started. And, as always, comment below to let us know what you think!


Also, love that this was officially announced right after I began mentioning it.

( umarismyname <3 )


This is very cool! Now I can make an AI program.


I have a hacker pro plan, yesterday i used the Vertix AI API, but today I am always getting Eroor 500


question: is this bard with some replit on top?

No it is Palm2. It says that all the time. If it doesn’t know what to say,
40% of the time it gives a message about how it’s Palm2
40% of the time it says nothing
15% of the time it spews forth a bunch of gibberish and random characters intertwined with several unrelated sentences.
5% of the time it says a generic “I don’t understand” message
Note that these are not official numbers but rather estimates based on my observations


ok so it’s google’s thing… and it has nothing built on it from replit??