Introducing Media Dash

Introducing Media Dash not affiliated with Replit

What is Media Dash?
Media Dash is an account and website that provides information and tracks special accounts. In the future I plan on more, making it a full media.

Current Releases
The Media Dash website is currently filled with a list of special users and featured users of the month. Additions within the next few days will likely include news being added.

Help Media Dash
If you know of any accounts that fit the following criteria, please do not hesitate to reply with a link: Businesses (i.e: Stacks, Twitter, BuildSpace), bots or moderation accounts (i.e: SpamHammer, moderation), YouTubers or social figures (i.e: PolyMarsDev)

Media Dash Website
Media Dash Account


Major Update
Details are available for view at the Repl:

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If I go to the discussion page after signing up, I see The supplied URL is not a part of this project's domain..

Could you go deeper into that? It seems to be working for me, just made the first post.

Ahh, the issue only occurs in the Repl view, which means it might be to do with cookies or headers or something…?

I think I should be featured because … I’m a mod and people might except me on more bounties if I’m featured.

isn’t that… mod abuse xD

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well its a suggestion so its not

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Hey I think I should be featured because I’ve been on Replit for more than 2 years, created a lot of high quality repls which have gone on trending and have completed 13 bounties!

The website isn’t meant to be used in Repl view, please open it in a web page or go to

@Raadsel @VulcanWM

(After reviewing your projects, @Raadsel will probably earn a featured spot in the future, even though they did not ask about it, I saw your projects! Infact, the other day I saw them not knowing. Amazing work from all of you!

The featured spots have already been taken, but they may be changed at any time. I’ll check out all your work later and changes might be made.

Btw: Featured changes can happen every day if something really good happens.

@not-ethan Well you are a moderator, I’ll check your work and treat you like the others. But, would you like to join the development team as a moderator for the discussion page and contribute to the website? You will have the abilities of:

  • Testing
  • Moderator on CommentBox
  • Access to the Replit-Media team page
  • Invitation to the Repl
    Note: You may only change the featured section every 7 days or with my permission via the Replit Media account, or my main account. You can DM me on here or go to the Repl’s chat. You must also do it correctly, make sure you get the profile image and spell their name correctly.

You can DM me fi you would like to do this.


Ahhhhhh, I’m working on my own version of this! Guess, I’ll give up on it now.
Yours is really cool though!

Interesting, if you want you could help with Replit Media.

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No thanks! I have lots of other stuff to do. I might make mine one day, it’s a little different concept.

Alright! Thanks for viewing this, if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate!

Oh did I just stumble upon it by accident: I go confused when it said projects: Replit Media

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What exactly is mod abuse? He’s simply implying that if more people knew he was a mod, he’d be accepted on more bounties because people would trust him more.

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(Ill go ahead and add Ethan to the Special Accounts List which he could use to refer, in the future he may be featured, or a page may be made for moderators)

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are you experienced with python

Nope, I plan on learning it this summer. I have 2 friends who are whom I can ask for help if needed. One of which is already on the developer team. What would python be used for?

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