or .tutorial folder?

I’m really digging the .tutorial folder setup for creating step-by-step tutorials. I also like the option of having a video too! This is all really great. My question though, is…

Is the .tutorial folder a better option than the file when you create lesson content? Will the .tutorial folder be hidden and not accessible to the student?

Yes! It is all much more organised for students and teachers!

Everything in the .tutorail folder is visible to students and teachers. It will not automatically be visible if you hide it in the .replit file thought the students can still view it by pressing show hidden files

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@Ethan That’s what I was thinking…bummer. I’m surprised it was created with this behavior. I’d hate for students to see that folder and start messing with the .md files. The better option would have been to incorporate this feature into the Lesson Content. That way students can’t change anything.

There was acutaly some disscusion about it in this other topic New Tutorial Feature Editable by Student

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Not that mentioning it here will do much but I also dislike the fact that the tutorials are stuck to the left-panel. It would be amazing if they were a tab like the instructions so students can have them wherever they want. As it is right now the screen real estate is at a premium for students on Chromebooks or laptops.

Also if there’s an adjustment made to the tutorials after students fork the project, those adjustments aren’t seen by the students. You need to make an addendum in the “Instructions” file. It would be benefit everyone if the tutorial was “owned” by the teacher similar to the instructions. My 2 cents, of course. All just personal opinions.

They are a tab… (or maybe that’s just in explorer mode).

Totally agree with the second point though, you could suggest this feature using the Share feedback button under Help in the sidebar on Replit.

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Complete Re-write Edit:
Confirmed - it seems to be a tab as an “explorer”. I tend to keep that option turned off as I’ve been surprised in the past - starting a lesson and going “wait, what?” Perhaps it’s time to turn it back on.

Many thanks.

Also, I’ve already made tons of suggestions and use that feature a lot. I owe the devs and help team a coffee.

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