Instructions are loading slow and out-of-sync errors

I have a new project for Teams.
When students load it, the instructions are taking minutes to load.
Some are getting “Replit out of sync” errors

Do you still get that error? Replit might’ve been running slow.

Here is an example of an email from a student:

Dear Mr. tramontana

Thank you for taking your time to read this email. I am having trouble coding because replit keeps on deleting my work everytime I write code, I don’t know what is wrong and it asked me to sync replit or something.

thank you

As of 1:42 PM, students still getting Out of Sync errors:

Hey Mr. T,

Thank you for reading my emails. I want to email you again to let you know that Replit is still not working and telling me that it is “Out of sync”. My work also gets deleted every few minutes after I make changes in my code. I don’t know how to fix this issue, and it might prevent me from turning in my website on time.
I wanted to email you that when I try to type in Replit on our recent assignment, it deletes suddenly and I have this image pop up every few minutes.

I click on Sync but it still shows up on my screen

Hey @jtramontana!

I have escalated this to the team and will keep you updated!

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Next time try choosing reset to mine. This won’t solve your problems of dialog appearing but it’ll prevent it from reverting the changes. Might be of help till your problem is solved.

@jtramontana It looks like you are experiencing two different issues:

  • Data loss (your code getting deleted)
  • The “out of sync” popup

Do you see the data loss after you click a button on the out of sync popup, or do the issues happen unrelated to each other? Also, how often do either of these issues happen?

Could you or one of your students record a video (if possible) of the code getting deleted issue so we can better understand how this is happening?

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Hi Shane. Unfortunately I am out sick today. So no go on recording a video.
When I get back in on Monday I can