Installing ROBLOX in Linux

I want to run ROBLOX in replit (maybe with wine?) and I also want to script a movement bot which moves and clicks automatically for you, Could I do that?

Just the fact that your title has Linux makes me happy. I can’t give too much help here, but remember that the more stuff your Repl does and the more resources it needs, the more likely you will need to boost it, which costs cycles. You can acquire cycles by either buying them or by people tipping your Repls.
Wine can be tricky and I don’t have much experience with it, but some things work and others do not.

I am subscribed to Replit’s Hacker plan

EDIT: Some people tried this already.
Then you are set on that. Get a powerful Repl and somehow install a lightweight Linux distro and hope that wine works. You can check their website for which apps do and don’t work. Or maybe you can install Windows in Replit? That would be rediculously slow without boosting the Repl to be like gaming computer specs.
Look into Repl Root, which runs a Debian Linux terminal on Replit (and with skills I do not possess you could maybe give it a GUI), and I also found (but have not tried) Debian - You Are The Root!.