Installing packages using nix creates replit.nix instead of using existing supported .nix files

Problem description:
When you run a command in shell, and replit prompts you to install it, it creates a replit.nix instead of adding to a shell.nix.

Expected behavior:
It adds the package to shell.nix

Actual behavior:
It creates a replit.nix, and adds the package to that.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a repl using a template that uses shell.nix instead of replit.nix
  2. Try to run a command that is not installed, and follow the ui

Bug appears at this link:


This bug also appears when the replit.nix file isn’t in the current directory

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Just encountered this bug again today, any updates?

I also found when I tried to delete replit.nix to fix it, it kept on re-adding it.