Installing apt on replit

in nix you can install apt but even if you do this you still get this error "Tools like apt, brew, and yum which modify system dependencies are not directly callable inside Replit. We offer the
System Dependencies pane for easy dependency management.

For more information, please check , and don’t forget to indicate whether you
found the documentation helpful at the bottom of the page!"

Hi @crstegs , welcome to the forums!
That is correct, you cannot install things like sudo on Replit.
May we know what package you are trying to install?

I’m am trying to install xinit ( xserver) and I get an error when I install the packages with nix “cannot create cookie”

Hi @crstegs !
Try adding this below the deps list:

environment.systemPackages = [

i did that and installed xinit but i still got this error “/nix/store/r8aypv5dcpk2qsxbrmxbyy64lyqdlixz-xinit-1.4.1/bin/startx: 1: hexdump: not found
Couldn’t create cookie”

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It could be an issue with the package.