Installing a Haskell package (System.Random) with cabal

As thousands of people no doubt have, I am learning Haskell through the Learn You a Haskell Tutorial, and I’ve reached the point where you’re supposed to use System.Random. I am coming at this question from a noobish perspective, I mostly have no idea what I’m doing. It seems that System.Random is something I would have to install. Based on some googling, it looks like the way you’re supposed to do that is generally through cabal, but I am having trouble figuring out how to get cabal working. If I make any cabal command I get a “command not installed. Multiple versions of this command were found in Nix” message, but whichever option I select, it ultimately ends up not allowing me to make progress. I have been floundering about trying to install cabal (assuming it’s not already installed) and/or System.Random and only become more confused as to what’s going on. Any guiding light would be very much appreciated.

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After chose this option, you need type 2 commands:

1- cabal install --lib base
2- cabal install random