Insights/Insiders Application Form + my opinions on the groups

First part of my topic: about the actual form.

It was broken at first, which I see there was another topic for and was eventually fixed:

However then, nobody got any other confirmation that it’d been fixed. So then when I arrive back from school to test it again, I see the forms closed. Questioned on it in the Friends of Replit server, turns out the form was fixed and they ended up closing soon after.

This is really bad UX. If something breaks and you tell nobody affected it was fixed, what’s to say they still think it’s broken, and won’t try to see if it’s fixed? IMO Replit should’ve at least sent some sort of “Hey, we fixed this, sorry for the interruption” email or kept the application open for a bit longer.

Now for the second part:

What’s the point of Insiders anyways? Explorers get access to new features already, so unless Replit’s deciding to burn the explorer hat in favour of an application-based system, there’s no point of it existing.

Also, what about this?

The pricing page says that Core members get early access to new features, essentially describing what Insights/Insiders is. If the program is Core-only, the pricing page is being misleading - saying that if you pay for the plan, you’ll instantly get access to beta features, however the reality is that you have to apply for it.

Rant over, hopefully the air about this can be cleared up. :slight_smile:


@haroon Really appreciate you taking time to write up your detailed feedback. You make a lot of great points on items that could use clarification and it’s on our radar.

For your other inquiry, afaik, the form should be available. I wanted to understand where you are seeing that the form is closed so we can fix that if need be. Is there a link you are following? Can you try a new browser session or clearing the cache? Thanks so much.


The form is open for me. I just successfully filled it out. I’m not pleased with the questions though. If it’s for all explorers, then why are the questions geared towards full-time programmers? A lot of the required questions do not apply to most of the explorers I know. I doubt I know any explorers with a LinkedIn profile, for example, but that question is required.


A lot of the required questions do not apply to most of the explorers I know. I doubt I know any explorers with a LinkedIn profile, for example, but that question is required.

There are more quiet builders than you’d guess. You can just put N/A on the form.


I also get this issue. I’ve already completed the form, but I’m using a different computer and still see this. Clearing the cache doesn’t help at all


I kinda figured that.

Since the form software allows questions to be not required, in my mind it would make more sense to just not require questions that don’t apply to all users. All accounts have an email, a username, etc., but not all accounts have a LinkedIn profile. I’d only require questions that apply to ALL accounts.


Definitely isn’t. See @DillonB07’s reply (I’m currently at school and can’t access my personal emails)


Form does seem to be open again (applied a while ago and forgot to say so)

Thanks for the help :+1:

If there could perhaps be some clarification on what’s the difference between Explorer / Insights / Core plan early feature access that’d be also nice


Hey all! Thanks for bringing up these questions - I’m happy to provide some more clarification here and will also work on some more public-facing resources to clarify for other users.

We are testing a few approaches to getting early feature feedback/testing from users:

  1. Explorers: Users with and without Replit Core can opt into this to get new features enabled on their accounts before anyone else. For those of you familiar with being in the Explorers program, you know this comes with the perk of being the first to try new features, but it also means you might experience more bugginess than non-Explorers, which is why we’re also testing two other programs for users who may not feel comfortable with having beta features enabled on their accounts.
  2. Insight Group - Insider Panel: We’ve asked users from across the platform to sign up for this pilot program. We’ll reach out to members as-needed based on what kinds of features and perspectives we are looking for. “Early access” in this case will look more like a behind-the-scenes peek at what we’re designing and building as opposed to feature flags.
  3. Insight Group - Replit Core Insiders: This is also a pilot program and will be a much smaller, targeted pool of users who we’ll ask to give direct feedback to our team in a Slack channel.

Insights Group is a pilot so none of this is set in stone, it’s just the current status.


That makes more sense, thanks :slight_smile:


No problem! Thanks for sharing those questions, this will help us improve our comms moving forward.


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