Input pasted into shell gets silently truncated to 4095 bytes

Problem description:
Pasting a line exceeding 4095 bytes in length into shell gets silently truncated instead of getting passed as is to stdin.

Expected behavior:
All pasted bytes appear on stdin of a reading application.

Actual behavior:
The input is truncated at 4095 bytes. Interestingly, if I paste something that has a long line followed by a second line after a line break, the second line makes it through. So there’s probably some line buffering going on somewhere that assumes a max line length of 4k.

Steps to reproduce:
On a shell:

  • cat - > file, then paste a long string (making sure not to include line breaks)
  • ls -l file will show show a file size of 4095 bytes regardless of whether the pasted string was longer

Bug appears at this link:
Well, not exactly, but I encountered this in the context of the AOC 2022 day 17 puzzle, which features a single long line of input. Just in case it’s useful, this is the repl, but the reproducer above is probably all you need.

Reproducible both in the web interface (as of 2022/12/17) and the Android app (version 2.10.0 per the in -app about screen but the play store app says 2.12.8?)

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By “silently truncated”, does the command get fully pasted in the background or is it a hard cutoff that doesn’t allow any commands to exceed a length of 4095 bytes?

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