Input in ipadOS

Salam ealaykum , in ipad app
I can’t use input for the app that I made, I clicked on input but I can’t writing, I’m using touch screen

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Hey @x0010S, welcome to the forums!

We would love to help you solve your issues that you are facing. Unfortunately, with insufficient information, we can’t proceed further with assisting you with your problem.

Giving us a short description of your issue and a link to your Repl will allow us to examine your issue further and find a solution that you can easily implement into your code.

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Oh sorry!

salam ealaykum, sorry for Lack of information,

Description of problem:

When I make python repl (for example ) and use ’tkinter’ (for example ) and make a input, when I click a input the keyboard is not appearing

Link of example repl :

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

It seems to be working in the cover page. Try viewing the Repl from there and see if there is keyboard input.

Salam ealaykum,

I trying it a little while ago, but that is don’t work :pensive:

Video for problem
I think will be better if I send it :point_down:

(Attachment IMG_0707.MOV is missing)

Salam ealaykum,

I trying it a little while ago, but that is don’t work :pensive:

The keyboard will not appear if you are using a mobile device. I believe only websites will allow the keyboard to show up.

The only solution is to use an external keyboard or a device with a built-in keyboard (like a computer).

Okay thank you so much,

Will there be an update that solves this problem? :slightly_smiling_face:

Not anytime soon, since there aren’t any plans for allowing keyboard inputs from mobile devices.

However, you can create a post at #support:feature-requests about this and let people see your request and vote on it.

Oh ok thanks for this info :blush: