Input Help With Roblox

Hi everyone, I need help getting the input after the user stops editing the text in the text box.

Hello @bruh1555 !

We need more information about what are you trying to do and what your repl link is.

What are you planning to use to get this information? In which language are you programming your program? What is the structure of your code?

Please provide more information so we can help you better!

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They specified Roblox, which you can’t code on Replit.


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Hi I am back, and yes I did specify what I was coding on and what I needed, which was I was coding on Roblox and needed help on how to get the input from the text box after the focus was lost from the user

Please ask on the Roblox Developer Community, not here.

For some reason I can’t post a topic on the developer forums.

Ask yourself this:
Is this about Roblox or Code?
If it is a question about Lua then yes you can ask that on here anything not coding ask roblox!
Your name is my reaction “Bruh”

Because you’re not high enough trust level

This is a question about coding. They’re coding a game on Roblox.

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