Inline links in markdown not working

I have a file in my repl with lots of inline links because it’s a workshop. problem is the links don’t work when I reference them in the doc. I see the address bar update with the link reference, but it doesn’t take me to the right section of the file.

Is there another way to render the markdown file outside of preview? If so, how?

Are the markdown link supposed to work in preview? If so, how?

I’m referring to this blog post and my repl README file is

I appreciate the help.


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Welcome to the community! Your markdown is working just fine. You just need to open the preview of it. Or click here to see it working on your cover page.

Hmm…I have it open in preview in the IDE, but when I click on links in my sections they don’t travel.

I’ll try the url you sent me. So when I open the readme like you’ve suggested, the response from the page is to show me the cover photo.

you are adding md links to your sever; the server url is as follows: {REPL_NAME}.{REPL_USER}

I can’t view the MD source code without forking (which I haven’t done yet). To make a link in Markdown, simply use [text](url) with text being what you want displayed and url being the URL.

Here is a sample of my links

and corresponding location in readme

I can try this but that kind of is not such great. Do you think it’s bug?

That is really poor grammar and hard to understand.

I don’t think it’s a feature at all. Also, I deleted those posts because the advice doesn’t work.

According to the doc it’s possible, but unclear:

I shall open bug and see how it goes there.

Thank you for the help!