Infinite Storage Bug

Problem description:

What happens is when you download a file using Mozilla Firefox, it
does not count towards storage.

Expected behavior:

Expected Result: Storage fills up

Actual behavior:

Actual Result: Storage does not fill up.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open Firefox on a Blank Repl
  2. Download a file
  3. The storage does not increase

I also sent an email, but I did not receive a reply, so I thought of posting it here

Welcome to the community, @botheg!

Downloading a file from a Repl does not count towards storage; only uploading files to the Repl does.

The storage the Repl takes depends on the total file size of your Repl.

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Downloading something doesn’t make storage go up!


Yes as the other two said, the Repl storage should not increase if you download the Repl to your computer. This downloads a copy of the Repl, and should count against your computer storage space (your hard drive), but not against your Repl.

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I’m pretty sure they are talking about using Firefox within a Repl to download files.
I think one reason it wouldn’t add to the Repl’s storage counter is because it is downloading outside the /home/runner/[repl_slug] folder. Testing this within my own Repl confirms this, as it creates a Downloads folder (/home/runner/Downloads) with the files I downloaded in there. Using something like nautilus (or even the shell) to transfer files from this folder into the Repl’s designated folder seems to work correctly.


@a747 Yes, that is what I meant. When you download a file through the Repl, it goes into the Downloads directory, therefore not counting towards Storage Quota.

I meant on the repl! Sorry for not clarifying that.

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Here is a repl as proof:

but that’s on a different partition where the files disappear when the repl restarts and switches container