Infinite Loop Excecution

Problem description: When I writing some infinite loop code then code is being continuously running I don’t know how to stop the code

Expected behavior: I want to stop the code in the middle of running the code.

**Actual behavior:But I can’t stop it even I can’t edit.

Steps to reproduce:

**Bug appears at this link:


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Hello @SoumitraSharma2001 , Welcome To The Community

Use if Condition With break To Stop The Loop In Middle Of Running The Code


while (true){
  let b = 120
  let a = prompt("Enter the number")
  if(a == b){
    alert('You Win')
  alert('Wrong Number')

Note :- I Don’t Know English And JS So Much :smiling_face_with_tear:

Why are you doing an infinite loop?

Actually if by chance any person forgot to put break statement in the infinite loop and runs it directly so you won’t be able to edit your program at replit

Refresh the page, it will probably tell you the code hasn’t saved, just ignore that, if you don’t want to ignore it, copy all the code in the current file before refreshing.