Infinite JavaScript Alert - Don't know how to turn it off

Hello, my code has an infinite JavaScript alert - don’t know how to exit.

I was unable to find any directions online.

Turning off JavaScript only means I am not able to access the Replit at all.
Please help!

Welcome to the community! @sonicx180
Please include a link to your Repl so that we know what’s wrong. From what you’re describing there’s probably a simple solution but we need the code to know how to fix it.

Try Ctrl + W if you’re stuck in an infinite alert (it closes the tab)

Is your window.alert("YOUR_ALERT"); in a loop?
Use break; right after that to exit the loop.

edit: this may be a bug with your browser, not replit. we sadly probably won’t be able to help you

I actually just found a very nice solution to this. If you open the page and get the loop running, leave the page open and open it again in a new tab. You may need to click ok on the alert popup a few times before the page loads, but once you go onto the new tab you opened, it won’t run the code. Now you can edit the code and reload the page. Voila! Your Infinite loop is gone.

Freaking amazing - that worked perfectly! thank you!

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