Individual to Group Projects

Last year we were primarily remote so I didn’t do a lot of group project in CS and kept it all individual to keep it simple. I am however a huge fan of group work in programming so I started looking at the group project aspect of Replit this year. I recall Lena telling us in one of the sessions that she preferred creating all her project as group project even if they were going to be individually done and I am starting to see why - the ability to assign a project only to a subset of kids (bonus/makeup projects etc…) can only really be done through that interface.

So realizing how useful that feature is even in individual projects, I want to take that advice and have those options available for all my projects. However when I copy my projects into new teams, they will still have that non-group status (and therefore without those features).

Is there a way to convert project originally created as individual in group projects. Or am I stuck recreating the 20+ projects I have in the class one by one into Group Projects? I expect the latter but just wanted to check as it would seem to be something handy for those who started before that option was available.

And promoting the use of that Group Project feature would be key to avoiding this mistake by new members. Or even changing the individual project to be autofilled groups of 1 - so it could be modified later.

You last sentence “Or even changing the individual project to be autofilled groups of 1 - so it could be modified later.” sounds like a really great option. Obviously I have no knowledge of the background workings of a Team repl, but this idea seems like it could be a viable solution? Maybe?

My guess is that the “group” information should just be additional data to the project. While converting an existing project to a group project might present some risk (corrupting the data), giving an option when we copy it to a new team (check box to convert to group project) should be relatively harmless - if it goes wrong we just throw it out and copy or recreate it again.

As you say, without understanding the backend, we might be oversimplifying it.

Hey @GregReid and @MrBrash , this is really good feedback! We’ve been thinking about this for a little while, so I am taking notes and we will see what we can do to make this simpler for users. :hugs: