Index.js not found


In one of my replit templates ,there is one in which It is saying indes.js not found after upgrade.
It consists of all the code i have been doing from a lot of time. Any help here would be appreciated

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Could you post a link to the cover page of the Repl this issue is occurring in? This could help the community work with you to diagnose and resolve your issue.


I am having to same issue with one of my repls (created 2023-04-08).
URL: (I have changed the name)

@GoodVessel92551 you don’t seem to have any files. Try adding like it says and try it.

His files sidebar is closed

@NateDhaliwal it says doesn’t exist. Also when I went to the cover page and looked at files there weren’t any.

It used to have

I can also not add any files because when I press the button there is no textbox to add it.

@GoodVessel92551 make a new topic for bug reports related to this.

Try running touch in the Shell tab, that should forcibly recreate it.

This does not work I think that the repl is broken.

Odd. What happens if you show hidden files (if you can find the button that is)? Also, what does ls show in the Shell?

Edit: from the cover page, there appears to be a file, albeit empty. Try killing1 in the Shell, and doing a cache refresh as well (Ctrl+Shift+R).

The file loads but it is not in the sidebar even if I show all files

Yea, it looks like your Repl is broken. Did you delete replit.nix or .replit? Could you try using ls -a as @Firepup650 said?

I did not delete anything and when I run ls -a in the shell is shows:

Wait, does exist? This is super odd, but your Repl is basically useless with .replit or replit.nix anyway, which for some reason were removed?

Can you check if has any contents by using cat

Only because of the touch command from earlier.


Ah yes, that’s a good point. My bad :laughing:

Anyway though, you still have the Linux terminal if you really don’t want to create a new Repl, you can just use nano and run the script using python, you won’t be able to install any Nix packages, or use any pip dependencies though.

Edit: Nevermind, I don’t think you can actually use python because replit.nix was removed.

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This is not the only repl of mine that is having this problem.

Ok so I just went through a significant amount of my repls and 15 contain no files this means that I have lost code meaning that I no longer have these projects. Can some other people check there repls to see if it is just me.