Increase Voting Limits

I find myself constantly limited on the number of votes that I can cast, especially since I am no longer eligible for TL3 (along with many other users). I can’t just revoke my vote from the many feature requests that are still standing because they still apply. Replit Ask is supposed to be a support forum, which can include support with code, replit, or it’s features, buggy and/or to be added, and a support/feature request form would inherently require more votes. So, please increase the voting limits for all TLs.


I did request on meta for votes to be a rolling 24 hour pd the same as likes and reactions but this was the response from the discourse team Refresh vote counts - #2 by Falco - feature - Discourse Meta

As for it being increased I’m for it


I wonder… Has the Replit Ask Moderation Team considered this yet?

No. We have many more important things to do before this. We are actively working through the list though

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