Increase of the CPU and RAM limits for free users

Describe your feature request

Please increase the CPU and memory limits for free users, because the current ones are set too low

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

Base actions, like for example adding required packages (thru the interface) uses all the avaliable limit of CPU and RAM, thru the work is not effective

Increasing the limits would solve it.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

Adding thru the web interface packages to fulfill the requirments for the developed code

Hey @mcgiwer welcome to the forums!

This is a good idea but where is Replit supposed to get the money for this?

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@not-ethan As far as I saw, Replit is offering some paid (and quite expensive for many people) packages, with may cover a part of the costs. There are also other founding sources and methods to reduce costs, while keeping such high level of service

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some packages take up a lot of RAM because they need to be compiled. Nix will use prebuilt binaries when possible so you could see if that works for your package. You could also see if you can find a prebuilt binary online.
No? Maybe disable code intelligence in IDE settings temporarily to free RAM while the package installs


Increasing CPU and RAM for repls is only available for paying users. Unfortunately, due to costs, additional resources will not be added to repls that are on the free tier.


I’ve never paid for anything, and I can use boosted repls.

It could be from cycles or you got hack plan from the Github Student Developer package

Unfortunatelly, I can’t afford myself none of the paid plans (that includes the “Hacker” one)

I think that there something may be not ok with the server’s configuration if adding required dependencies causes overuse of the RAM, causing that this process becomes interrupted because of it, causing the wroten code is unusable because beeing unable to run it

what package are you trying to install?

Hello. First, sorry for the delayed answers, but the real life is keeping me busy most of the time

The packages are (among others): flask (and related, like glask-restx), werkzeug, jinja, click, quart, etc. (all those with provide all nessecary frameworks to build the site I wanted (part of a private and non-proffit project)

You can install those without a resource boost, and they shouldn’t take up any after they are installed. Also note that pip takes up way less resources then poetry does.