Increase / add tip for bounty hunter

Describe your feature request
I want the ability to increase the payment to a bounty hunter working on my bounty.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
Right now, if tasks are added to the project or I simply want to give the bounty hunter a tip, there isn’t a way to do so other than by using an off-platform channel.
Other freelancing platforms have the option to “tip” or simply adjust the bounty amount, and it would be in Replit’s best interest to add it too.

Thanks for considering.


you … can tip them though. They just must have a public “repl.” If you go to that user’s profile, you’ll see a bunch of repls (this is using the account @LZulb as an example)

click on one. The following will pop up:


I agree with this message.

lol I was just on your profile when I made this

btw just decided to tip you because lol

You didn’t have to! It’s was an example :skull:

Thank you so much, though <3

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This isn’t a good solution though because you can’t cash out that tip so it would definitely be a good idea to add a way to tip a bounty submission via the bounty page in a way that can be cashed out imo


Why not make life easier and let tips be cashed out? Tips are still earned by users (just like bounties), so shouldn’t they be able to be cashed out?


This has been talked about many times.

You don’t “earn” tips like how you “earn” bounties. You just need to get lucky.

You might say that Repls that get tips probably deserve it, but Idk what staff thinks about that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯