Inaccurate Outbound Data Transfer and constant repl cpu usage

why do i think this is weird i dont think the Outbound Data Transfer is accurate for me i have been using it all month

edit: i find that my cpu for my repl constantly high

Some things take minimal egress. I don’t use very much (although I shut a few things down when this first started).

The Repl may be corrupted. Have you installed any extra packages?

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i tried to add discord to it but that lagged the paged into crashing badly
edit: its also bringing the ram up badly

Try to move the program to a new Repl. You can either create new files and folders and copy and paste code manually or do the following:

  1. Open the corrupted Repl
  2. Download all the files
  3. Extract the downloaded ZIP somewhere on your computer
  4. Upload those files to a new Repl

it still runs and connects to the server it needs to connect to but brings the cpu and ram up

i created another repl copied the code over from the files i needed and its still doing it but now trying to install nix or node?

edit: fixed the node problem but i think i just need more ram and cpu which i dont have money for and i dont want beg for cycles because im not greedy

ye you can’t really run CPU/ram intensive tasks like you know constantly receiving API input/outputs to discord and creating response to them. Try running it somewhere else

Try disabling LSP, that usually is the main thing hogging the CPU

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what is lsp i never heard of it

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LSP stands for Language Server Protocol. (When referring to programming)

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