In the HTML, JS and CSS thing, there is a bug

Problem description:
The problem is that when I was coding my website and when I click run, it says not found in the webview page. This is very random because the second I click run nothing was showing up and it just says not found. This is very unhelpful when I am testing my code because I have to open tabs and reload them. Also, I am very sure that I am connected to an internet connection otherwise, replit just won’t load.

Expected behavior:
It should pop up with my code output in the webview and it should allow me to code and show my code.

Actual behavior:
It just loads forever and when you click run it says not found.

Steps to reproduce:
Just go to your project and click run and nothing will happen so you will just sit there and wait for over 10 years.

Bug appears at this link:
Any project that includes HTML, JS and CSS.

Google Chrome.

Hey @Vauxten welcome to the forums!

This is often caused by not having an index.html file in the root directory.

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Hello! Thanks for the answer!

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