In-file Search & Replace is not keyboard friendly

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):
I’m coding, both hands on a wide keyboard.
CMD+F to search for a keyword and replace it.
I enter a query, CMD+SHIFT+F out of habit to open and focus the Replace input
And it opens up Repl-wide code search instead

Expected Behavior

  • CMD+F opens up the in-file Search
  • CMD+SHIFT+F while the in-file search input is focused should open up and focus the “Replace” input
  • CMD+Enter while focusing the Replace input should replace everything instead of run the repl

Explain what you were trying to do:
I tried to search for and replace a keyword

What areas or features are involved?
Code search (single file), Codemirror

Screen Recording

Repl Cover Page Link/Screenshots/Etc: Private Repl, can confirm this behavior happens in any Repl.



You can see our officially supported shortcuts here:

Hope this helps!