Improved URL for Replit notifications

Describe your feature request
Improve the URL for Replit comment notifications. The default feature is to take you to[username]/[Repl-slug]?c=[x]. However, if too many comments have been made on the Repl, you will have to keep clicking “Load more comments” until you finally get to the comment you got a notification for. But, by using the URL[username]/[Repl-slug]?c=[x]&after=[y] with y being the value of the parent comment ID + 1, it will take you to the comment, no matter how buried it is.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
This would allow you to view the comment you got a notification for even if you are behind on checking notifications or the Repl has a lot of comments and it got buried.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
I was trying to check notifications and it is bothersome to have to keep clicking “load more comments” when there is such an easy fix for this.

Now since it does not load the most recent comments, but rather starts wuth the parent comment of the one you got the notification for, it would probably be helpful to include a “Load newer comments” button at the top as well. Still, I don’t think this would be a difficult feature to include.

Firepup650 helped me fine-tune the URL to make it optimal.


I’d like to inject here, if it’s a reply to a very old comment, then the after ID would need to be much lower. I’d suggest using [parent_id]+1 if possible, otherwise fallback to [comment_id]+1.


what is parent_id?


It’d be the ID of the comment it’s in reply to. I suppose you could also phrase it as [replied_to_id].


This is so true! This has been a problem for honestly almost two years now…


Since Replit is tentatively removing comments, I wouldn’t say this really matters anymore

(feels just like what they did with AI on Teams for Edu :laughing::sob:)

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