Importing dialogflow in python

Hi guys, anyone who can help me to import Dialogflow in python

Import dialogflow is giving an error

Repl link:

code snippet

Can you link your repl or paste the error you are getting?

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Hey @TawandaDundhlu1, welcome to the forums!

Is this the error you are getting? (See image below):

I think this may be a bug with Replit, don’t quote me on it tho.


I would do as the error says and downgrade the package. I’m almost 99.876% sure that you can uninstall it from the packages GUI and run pip install google-cloud-dialogflow x.xx.x, with the x’s being replaced with version numbers less than 3.19.0. Maybe 3.18.9?

EDIT: @bigminiboss specified the correct pip install cmd, edited to fit.


do pip install google-cloud-dialogflow as outlined here


true but I’d suggest poetry add google-cloud-dialogflow instead because poetry is better at managing your dependencies

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:smiley: thanks the reason I suggested that is because I tried using the package manager and it failed (package manager uses poetry add)