Important Teams for Education deprecation update

Hey folks - wanted to share an important update on Teams for Education deprecation. Teams for Education users should receive an email containing this information, but we wanted to make sure to post it here as well since it contains information and resources for backing up user data .


All Teams for Education data will be deleted after August 1, 2024 and unrecoverable. You must use the in-app data export tool to retain it. Instructions for how to use it are linked to in this message.


In December we announced that Teams for Education was being deprecated. This includes Teams for Education and related features like Firewalled Replit and Privacy Limited Education Accounts. Firewalled Replit was used by some schools to allow access to Replit though local firewalls and Privacy Limited Education Accounts were used for some student accounts to allow signing up without an email address.

Access to these features as well as associated user data will be removed August 1st, 2024.

You can find a resource kit containing instructions for using the in-app export tools and copies of Teams for Education documentation at the following URL

Students may also backup their assignments by logging in and using the new export button that is located at the top of a team page. Please encourage any students which want to retain their assignments to use it.

If you have questions, please get in touch with right away so we can help.