Import from another Repl, download entire folder

I don’t know how to do that on a Chromebook, and it would definitely be easier just to download the folder, since they can make it download files.

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You could just fork the repl?

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You can unzip folders on a Chromebook

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After downloading the ZIP file, You can decompress it by right clicking on the file in your file explorer and clicking on “Extract All”.

This will open up a new window, which you can then drag the folder out.

If you are unsure how to do it, you can follow this GIF:


Great point, but then I would have to delete the excess files and folders that didn’t need to be download with it.


ok can you mark mine as solved if it solved your problem? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t think it solved the problem, and all of you are missing the issue of importing from another Repl.

What exactly do you mean by this?

no we’re not really because there’s a replit feature to upload a folder… and then you can edit the .replit to run the file in directory

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Just had another idea about this, ZIP the folder you need in the shell, download the ZIP (it’s only one file), follow @savardo’s GIF on how to unZIP it, and upload it into your new repl.

This is the exact thing I don’t want to do.

What do you mean? I was not saying to ZIP the whole repl.

ZIP the folder you need in the shell

How do I do that?

run zip -r foldername and enter “Y” when NIX asks if you want to add ZIP.

Yes, but don’t you think that should directly add it to Replit, so you don’t have to go through all the trouble of doing on your computer?

I mean, I don’t usually need to move specific folders between repls, so I would never think of it.

Also, this was actually already requested here:

It makes sense to move files/folders between Repls, such as your base Flask HTML template, your main OOP class for players that you use in multiple games, etc.

You can just create a template Repl for yourself that has all the necessary files needed and fork that whenever you need to create your games.

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Templates can be made.

Guessing python based on the “Flask” note earlier, you could just upload to PyPI and then use the package in your repls.