Import discord error

Problem description:
I write import discord on the 1st line and press “run” but nothing happens
Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Hey, @Shadow372 welcome to the forums!

It may be due to this Discord Ratelimit


I Don’t Know Much About Python,, That Stuff. Could you tell me a little more about it?

if you can help i appreciate it

A lot of discord bots are being hosted on Replit. Because of that discord rate limits Replits IPs thinking that its spam. Making it so the bots wont run

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OK… If You Don’t Mind Helping Me With Another Problem. I would appreciate it. then… When I try to create the .env file. It gives an error saying that I can create a variable in (For there) Because it’s cropped on the screen.

Under the tools section on the left of the screen you can press secrets and add environment secrets from there instead of a .env file

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Ok, Thanks.
If Something Else Happens I Can Mention You Or Tag You I don’t know… ?

I’m Brazilian and I speak Portuguese :sweat_smile: So it’s kinda hard to talk to you through the translator.


Just make a post in #code-help and someone will be sure to help out.


It’s best to make a new topic.

Not a problem! I’m on my phone right now so I will send some screenshots later


I Always Wanted Faxer A Bot in Python. Everyone Says It’s Easy, There’s No Mistake, It’s Very Good, etc. but for some reason I can’t.

This makes it difficult to help others nowadays ksks

Usually on and friends it won’t be silent with the rate limits, but :person_shrugging: it’s been a while since I touched my discord bot. Send a link to your repl so we can see if it’s a code issue

If you only run import discord, then it is expected that nothing happens. That only imports the module called discord, but doesn’t actually run anything.