Import discord commands


It’s how I import Discord commands.

and I get an error:

"commands" is unknown import symbol

how can I fix it?

Repl link:

from discord.ext import commands

Did you check if is installed?

pip show

To see if is installed. If nothing shows up you need to install the package.

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yes installed 2.3.0

first it was 2.3.2, I thought there was a bug in this version and put 2.3.0 - it didn’t help

Doens’t pyright need a pyrightconfig.json file to actually work? And you sure you shared the right link to your repl?

maybe I don’t know much about it

all I did was install from the command line, as you showed me.

uninstalled the latest version

pip uninstall

and downgraded it to 2.3.0.

pip install

what do I do now?

How to connect the sub pages with the main pages?(HTML, CSS and Java script)

If your code works fine, then there is no problem and you have to tell pyright that there is no problem explicitly, using a comment.

from discord.ext import commands  # type: ignore

I’m pretty sure that repls use pyproject.toml to configure pyright instead of pyrightconfig.json, by default.

That’s the thing, the commands don’t work.

I didn’t pay attention to what was highlighted in red at first and was looking for the cause elsewhere.

However, for a simple function, I don’t see any other options.

It’s as if the commands are not imported

async def delete_message(ctx, message_id: int):
    channel =
    message = await channel.fetch_message(message_id)

    if message:
      await message.delete()
      print(f'Сообщение с ID {message_id} удалено.'
            )  # Выводим информацию в консоль
      await ctx.send(f'Сообщение с ID {message_id} удалено.')
      await ctx.send(f'Сообщение с ID {message_id} не найдено.')

  except Exception as e:
    await ctx.send(f'Произошла ошибка при удалении сообщения: {e}')

I don’t have any experience with python discord. If you want to make sure that it is imported, put this right after the import:

print("DIR: ", dir(commands))

I can’t offer any more help in this area, but just from a google search, are these related?:
Commands (first warning: message_content intent)
Frequently Asked Questions (on_message)
python - @bot.command() not running - Stack Overflow

That’s right,

there’s none of that in the console

print("DIR: ", dir(commands))


Is the file that is importing commands being run?
You can test this with something like:

raise KeyboardInterrupt(commands)

top level in module

Tortured and abandoned)
plugged in slash commands, it works

from discord import app_commands

bot = discord.Client(command_prefix='/', intents=intents)
tree = app_commands.CommandTree(bot)

MY_GUILD_ID = os.environ['MY_GUILD_ID']

async def privet(interaction: discord.Interaction):
  await interaction.response.send_message("Привет!", ephemeral=False)