Import command is not found

When i try to import pandas as pd (what was already given in the assignment). I get the error “command not found” exit status 127

Current behavior:

Desired behavior

Repl link:

boilerplate-demographic-data-analyzer (3) - Replit

code snippet:

import pandas as pd

You should remove the line starting with run = from your .replit file. If you don’t see the .replit file click the tree dots in the top-right of the file tree and click Show hidden files.

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I’ve forked the repl and there isn’t a run line of code in the .replit file.

Thank for your reply. I now get the error “echo Run isn’t configured. Try adding a .replit and configuring it”. Still not quite sure what i should do now

The fact that there isn’t a run means no files will run though.

I have now added back the run = lines in my.replit files

You changed the command in your .replit file to this:

modules = ["python-3.10:v18-20230807-322e88b"]

hidden = [".pythonlibs"]
run = "run"

channel = "stable-23_05"

run = ["sh", "-c", "run"]
deploymentTarget = "cloudrun"

but “run” is not a proper command.

try change “run” to:

run = "python3"

That is not actually true. They have made some changes lately and new templates don’t have a run command (although a run command will override existing functionality).


Adding on to @CoderElijah here, occasionally, (due to my desire to heavily reduce my account storage), I’ve noticed that the run-less functionality sometimes breaks when you remove the .cache folder. It’s not 100% consistent, but a refresh fixes it when it does occur.


Just ignore the //… text:

If you want to run then this is what you need to put after run.

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