Implementing RUI

How could I implement RUI?
I’ve seen the RUI Docs but I don’t know how to implement it.

Do you have early access? The link you give leads to a 404

I don’t know if I will call it an early access but I have an trick to get into it.

Explain, or I cannot help you. XD lol

I used an pusher that I found in the hidden replit devs server

What is a pusher? And the replit devs server is not hidden, I am literally in it.

I got invited to it in an email, I used an javascript code that somebody posted in the extensions-dev channel to get access to the RUI docs, you can also use it on the extensions docs!

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Well, I don’t have access rn, so I can’t help :man_shrugging:

At the moment, RUI is still in the works for open-sourcing, but we’re definitely considering it in Extensions!
Keep an eye out!