Implementing JavaScript Password


I’m implementing this code to a webpage, but is there any way I can hide it from the prying eyes of the file page?
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I would rather not share.

code snippet
```var password="Password";
var username="Username";
var guess;
var userguess=prompt('Enter Username','');
guess=prompt('Enter Password','');
alert('Entrance Granted');

make an environmental variable :smiley:

Well if you are taking input using HTML you can set the input as a password, automatically making it like this.

(I don’t know JS, sorry)

Unfortunately, It’s not node.js, and I’m not that skilled in js.

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Nice idea, but I’m trying to hide the password from being able to be seen by looking in the files.

Um go to the secrets tab and search google for how to access environmental vars :rofl:

Yeah… there is no secrets tab in a HTML, CSS, and JS template…

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oh ok… I don’t use HTML/JS repls XD

Anything you want to be hidden needs to be stored server-side, @bigminiboss secrets wouldn’t work, even if you could use them in HTML, CSS & JS Repls, because you could just use developer tools in your browser.


Same thing happens to me too! I just encode it to binary code and decode it and obfuscate the js code hoping no js developers find out. xD

Lol, me starts looking into ur code :eyes:

um, i defiantly didnt do that in koolchat for a profane filter

lol, bro why would you do that?

ah, i didnt know about npmjs that time, plus, my friend helped me with it

@sonicx180 how’s the cod :drooling_face::drooling_face:

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It’s Node js not npmjs :laughing:

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npmjs has the modules for node


ya but you call it npm. Should this be a debate?

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i dunno probaly not (i dont think i spelled that right)

use repl auth. If this is for the private website you discussed earlier, you’d have to do this on a node.js repl(or any other webserver but that would be probably be easier for you) and only send the private info if the auth username is correct

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