Images wont work - bug

Problem description:
All PNG/JPG files wont register and wont display on my HTML/CSS/JS repl. Only SVG image files will work

Steps to reproduce:
fork and images wont work

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome/Edge - Windows - Laptop

Welcome to the community, @Podcast14! Can you please send me the link to your fork of it?

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I checked your Repl and it seems that the file path for the images is seems to be reading from HTML-FILE.html/assets/images/IMAGE-FILE.png or .jpg.

I recommend you to add ./ in front of the file path so that it always reads from the parent directory down.


doesn’t change the outcome

Hmm, this is a common bug for me too. Try renaming the image file, or deleting it and uploading a new one.


Yes @OmegaOrbitals
This is a common bug

Can be solved by rename, delete or rename the file.