Images and anchor element references not working

New to replit, trying to made a basic html index file with multiple images and links. None of the images or links are showing when I run my replit, or when I paste it into difference browers. Using absolute urls for all these. I’m thinking that I might have to change the user settings or something because I think my code is correct and the url paths are accurate.

<img src="" alt="picture of Long-billed Dowitcher" width="214" height="161">

<a href="https: //" target="_blank">Learn More </a>

When I open my repl in different web browsers and check inspector, I get something different than what I added to the editor (as in above). Instead it appears as:

<a href="https:"" guide="" long-billed_dowitcher="" overview" target="_blank">Learn More

So for some reason the browsers may be changing my code and replacing the forward slashes to =“”.

the repl in question

try to make the link one-line only, or just dont pad the newlined link with space, dont pad it at all. I suspect that it’s the space padding made the link from https:// into https: //, in browsers’ perspective the neglectable spaces became a bunch of %20 and probably corrupted the link that way.

not familiar with html but hope this helped


That didn’t work, unfortunately. It auto-formats like that when you control + s. I don’t think the spaces matter for html code. I reformatted it without the spaces and it still didn’t work. When I inspect the page that the repl generates in different browers it actually shows the url for these links differently than how I added them into the repl editor.

Hi there, could you send the link to your repl?

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Replit does not need CTRL S to save files, as it automatically saves them. The default setting for CTRL S in the Replit Editor is to format the file:


Thank you Fairies of Feast,

I didn’t realize that and reformatting my pasted URLs was why my code didn’t work. The reformat must have separated them. For some reason I had trouble piecing the URLs back together but finally have them single line with no paddings and they all work.

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