Image upload in mobile replit

How can I put png file in a folder like i did uploaded from files but it ain’t going in folder and when i make .png file in folder i can’t add imagea

Hey, @Shino welcome to the forums.

How did you try moving the files? Drag and drop?

@Ethan, drag and drop doesn’t work on mobile, there simply seems no way to me to do it. I too work on mobile and arrange files only when I get to use my laptop or pc and that’s about 3-4 days in a month.

I contacted support team before but they didn’t respond so I think I’ll have to try it again.

It takes a second or two to select the file and then move the file slightly and drag into the folder. I hope that helps!

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@OliDeveloper, I’ve tried that but it doesn’t work for me neither on web version nor on mobile app.

Having tested it myself, I can confirm drag and drop features do not work properly on mobile versions (app and web for mobile) of Replit.

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That’s strange because I tried it and it worked. Are you on android or IOS?

I tested it on Android.

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Maybe it only works on IOS because that’s what i tried it on. I tried on the App and it works.

Yep I was on android too, may be an android glitch; but since I’ve reported it, replit might try to fix that. :+1:

It’s entirely possible, but I feel like it’s unlikely to be platform dependent (that said I have absolutely no clue, that’s just my gut feeling).

Maybe IOS drag and drop system is different, i don’t know. Maybe it is a glitch on android, which i think is unlikely too, maybe you have to do it differently?

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It is most likely because apples long press works in a different way in IOS , (You can select multiple things at once when holding down)

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Should we ping IanAtReplit and ask em?

No need to bother Ian, just report as a bug to Replit (that’s probably what he’d say too).

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Thanks @MattDESTROYER I agree that is the best way to log this as a potential bug.