Image Meta Tag Not Working

Why doesn’t the image show up?
Repl link:
index.html - JayAySeaOhBee14 - Replit

    <meta content="JayAySeaOhBee14's Portfolio" property="og:title">
    <meta content="This is my portfolio. Click the link to learn more about me and my work!" property="og:description">
    <meta content="" property="og:url">
    <meta content="images/SBV.png" property="og:image">

I have the image set up to be “SBV.png”



Just as an example of it not working.

I am using and sending it to myself in zoom, and this is what I get:


set the og:image to the absolute URL

<meta content="" name="og:image">

It still doesnt work I dont think

refresh the cache by appending ? to the URL that you send. You’ll have to wait some time before the plain URL shows up correctly on the app

So just

yeah, add more random characters after the ? if you want it to download the new page again later

It works, thank you!

How long do you think?

nvm, you shouldn’t need to do this, unless Zoom is weird. I think it was just a caching issue from the start


yeah that’s why i was so confused because i had just done the same with a diff website and it just used
<meta content="static/PNG/OIP.jpg" property="og:image">

No for some reason this repl does need the absolute URL

With absolute URL:

Without absolute url:

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