Im working on this consept and i need help

so im working on this concept were you are in one area and the text from that place gets put into the console but if your in the other area you only see what the other its hard to explain let me show you

I want the text from the inputs to show up on the console so presumably 2 people can essentially text each other

Well that isn’t really how Replit works. First of all, it only runs by default. Second, people won’t be able to actually run this unless they are invited to the Repl, in which case it only has one shared Console (not including the Shell)


its a concept i just am trying to get inputs from 2 different files to be placed individually into the console


I can see you using and to name the file, so I suppose you want 2 servers to get inputs individually and reply to each other/the main server

you can use flask to make a webpage that get input, since it is 1 single server you can think it of each ppl who opened the website is a server (actually its client but whatever)

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exacly what i want thankyou for the idea

dang my admin blocked flask

I’m going to take a break and come back to this tomorrow

fyi, you should deploy your repl after attempting any way to do your objective on replit so that others can also access it.

also, you can use other method to do so, my basic idea is to follow the direction of ‘server’. It’s like server1 and server2 is sending stuff to main, main processes and send back to servers. It’s working like a webpage process thats why I recommend flask (you’re using python). If you want you can use other platform (i.e discord bot, mysql, set up your own server somewhere, etc)

the easiest, to me, is of course flask, but if you cannot use flask (somehow, it’s just a website host that changed js to py I dont see why it should be blocked) you can try discord bot, and make the ‘servers’ as discord users using the bot (but it kinda defeats the initial purpose, like discord itself does the thing alr)


yeah this is definitely a doozy