I'm probably quitting Replit

Earlier, Replit was one of the favorite site for me. But the last update ruined everything.
Reasons why am I probably quitting:

  1. Replit hid the link to custom themes. But it’s not so bad, but it is bad.
  2. What is the worst, is how can I run the project. Now to run it I must somewhere in the universe find it, then fork it, then go to my repls, find the project, click it, and run it in the code.
  3. Replit removed the comments.

Please, reply my message because I want Replit to see my topic.

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@progyboy


Yeah, it is quite annoying. Why Replit why! :slightly_frowning_face:


That was just them trying to make it all look sleeker. You can still go to replit.com/themes any time.

These are part of Replit’s new social features update, which I know, is indeed very bad.


You are the guidance counselor, say about our asks, please!

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Guidance Counselor is a forum thing, getting 10 Solutions marked. We aren’t Replit Staff, just volunteers.
Replit may not listen to us too.


And this is very likely to happen, Im affraid…

Actually, it already happened. Pity. Replit probably won’t reverse anything, but may introduce a new thing or two to help us. Idk.

if by helping they mean doing opposite to what we (their users) asks for, than Im not surprised that OP wants to quit.

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