I'm out of storage even though I still have a lot of space left

Problem description:
I can no longer upload a new file because it tells me I don’t have enough storage…

Expected behavior:
Since I still have a lot of space left, the file should import without problems.

Actual behavior:
The file begins to install, but after a few seconds it is deleted.

Bug appears at this link:


Browser: Google Chrome
OS: Windows
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan): Free

Welcome to Ask! Have you tried going to https://replit.com/account#resource-usage and viewing the information there? IIRC the resource meter inside Repls can be confusing but the one in your account settings is much clearer.

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That ?

Yes that. You are using 21/10 GB of storage for your plan. That is your problem. You can delete Repls until you are under your 10Gb storage limit, pay for more storage, or upgrade to Pro.

How can I use 21GB with 2 repls at 0.166GB and 0.005GB ?

Those two are the only ones that appear when you click the drop down arrow? Did you try scrolling? The Outbound Data Transfer shows more than two Repls.

Yes I only have 2 repls currently, I deleted 2 yesterday because of the bug, hoping that solves the problem.

You are on the free tier so all your Repls should be public. I only see these two Repls on your profile. So, you are not exceeding your storage limit. Deleted Repls shouldn’t count against that and even if they do those two other Repls shouldn’t be 20GB. Either this is a terrible bug or I am missing something. :man_shrugging: The Replit staff will have to look in to this.

Ok, thanks for helping me !

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Hey @SexyCat :wave: Yikes, you ran into a pretty rough problem but we think we’ve determined what’s going on. Your account should be back at what it ought to be but please let us know if you continue running into issues!

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