I'm now a TL2 :(

Yes you heard correctly. The guy who kept on asking ethan when he would be a TL3, then became one, then lost it because of being irresponsible. Sorry for “threathing” @GiggaPoggers (according to Doomsday) and others.


What is TL or that TL badge in people’s profile?


it shows their trust level

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It was hardly a threat, no weapons were mentioned. Sorry you were ranked down.

I meant it as a joke against JS users, sorry for the demotion. Did it mention that the demotion was due to the post?

No no, It was due to me being irresponsible and posting a link that could actually crash your computer.

Suprised I had no consequences, I also tried to crash you.

Nah, yours was a repl created by you. The link I sent was a github page .

I never saw the link actually, so at first I thought you were ranked down because of threatening to crash me

Never saw the link, but I’ve made things like it in the past. Usually it overflows your RAM with data or tabs and crashes you. Was it the same case for this one?

Nether of us saw it, so was it actually just threats?

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Either threats or pretty quick work by @not-ethan, that automod bot, or replit staff.

Sounds like our only answer (for now)

What was the code you used?

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This was not automatic. We have no auto-moderation things that take actions that are not built into discourse.


It just happens that I was on. And the post was up for some time before I saw and deleted (more than 15min)


Yeah I mean thankfully you were there, was the attack basically you run the code and it crashes chrome via memory limits being pushed

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Aw man, you’ll still be the newest member of the community <3


I mean maybe don’t applaud him for the actions, but yes we are sorry for your loss


what about me im new and active

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And that’s very poggers of you.
But I’m a veteran here, where’s muh TL3??!?!?!