Im not able to see the output tab

im facing an issue where any repl i create of python, there is no output tab that i can see
only shell tab and console tab is visible

:wave: hey @ayanrkt, welcome to the forum!

this is because your code is not opening an output window. you can use turtle or pygame to open an output


I don’t see any errors on your image. The output is displayed correctly in the console.


Hey! You won’t see an output unless you use a library like Tklib2 to create one.

Or, things like Turtle or Tkinter.

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I tried to use tkinter to make a project but it isn’t showing any output

Whenever I use tkinter library it doesn’t give an output and the console just shows the text

Hi @ayanrkt !
Are you running the code in or in another file?

im running on only
i have tried to change the browser as well as change the id completely

Hey @ayanrkt!

Can you send me the link to your Repl so I can take a look?

hey i just checked with the project and it seems to work now

i dunno what the problem was earlier but now it works

i had to use it for my class and then i discovered that its working now


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