I'm making a website

I’m making a website!!!

I’m finally making a website!
My website is still in progress though, and I’m still thinking of a name.

My website will probably be called PikaWorld, or PikaSite but if you guys have any ideas, comment down below!

By the way, my website domain is Github.io

That’s great!

I’m curious, what’s your website going to be about? Is it deployed yet (what’s the url?)

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@python660 I’m not gonna deploy the site using Replit, and I’m not done yet

sorry, I meant published via github pages… also your repo isn’t public. Based on the title, I assume that you’re creating a community forum?

PikaWorld sounds pretty nice. That way you can make it feel open and maybe more like a 2000s-2010s site feel. Idk.


@python660 My repo isnt public because I’m not done working on it

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how did u find my repo anyways

Well I was able to find your GitHub account but you have no repos (prob why it’s simple to assume it’s private)

FYI you can’t add GitHub Pages to a private repo unless you pay.

I do have repos but I haven’t published them

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and I was talking to @python660, but no worries

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