I'm looking for team members for a Python project

So, I’m working on a terminal-based Python app that will allow you to follow users, like posts (create posts), and chat with other users all from the comfort of your terminal.

If you’re interested in this project, please let me know!

Check List:

✅ working register with a captcha verification (account botting is slowed)
✅ working login also with captcha verification
✅ follow user
✅ create post
✅ like post


Include the chat room in the project.
Create a bot to automatically censor profanity in the chat room and in posts.

I haven’t worked with Captcha before, but I’m sure I could help with everything else. I’m not the most experienced Python developer (my area of expertise is NodeJS), but I’m confident I could help out if you needed it. :slight_smile:

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I desperately need it; I’d need a team or even just one extra set of hands to help keep track of everything so I don’t overwork myself and end up in the coffin that awaits me. I will invite you to a team where the repl resides.

Wait… How do you use captcha in the terminal??


It’s not real captcha, it’s just a generated code that the user must enter to somewhat prove they are not a robot.


Err, I like node.js better but I could help.

It’s a 3rd party repl I created that uses the replit db to save randomly generated captchas and check them; if it finds the given captcha in the db, it deletes it, indicating a solved captcha and preventing the user from spamming the same captcha.


interesting project you have here.

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I probably can’t help, but maybe try contacting @TG101

I’m on the verge of abandoning the project, but I’ll keep the flask-based api in case someone else wants to build their own social media terminal-based app.

Noo, let me help. excatly what do you want for it?

wdym “what do you want for it?”

like for the code? What do you need working?

Please check your replit, and I will invite you to the repl.

Awesome, thanks for that!

Me? But, why?


your good with python

I’m also very good-good with Python!

@TG101 Basically that.

I can help with db accessing and formatting, and some I think any actions related to the posts can be done with classes

Oh I’m just a student with little knowledge with python comparing to u guys, but if you actually want me to help by inviting me to the project use my replit main account @s3d27ZHOU thx