I'm having trouble both opening a nix package

Can you guys help me? Here’s my Repl I’m having trouble making a repl launcher prismlauncher for minecraft, because the other minecraft launcher from nixos is outdatged, and won’t launch. the problem i’m having in particular is this error message:

error: attribute 'prismlauncher-qt5-unwrapped' in selection path 'nixpkgs.prismlauncher-qt5-unwrapped' not found
main.sh: line 6: prismlauncher-qt5-unwrapped: command not found


I think you should use the System Dependencies tool to manage these dependencies.
Or, click three dots and show hidden files, then directly edit replit.nix file.

Also, you can configure the nix channel used in the .replit file (your repl is using 22.11, which may be outdated).

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well you add packages to replit.nix (you don’t use the nix-env thing) and seeing replit.nix it doesn’t match main.sh, I looked in the repl thing

maybe change replit.nix to

{ pkgs }: {
  deps = [

but I doubt it will work in the first place because you can’t get root in replit, pkgs.sudo won’t help that. if prismlauncher-qt5-unwrapped works without the need for sudo/root then it might work but otherwise it wouldn’t work.

also it looks like you added your own nix things, ex default.nix and something in .local (idk about that) you don’t need them, use replit.nix

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