I'm DistantShadows


Hello, my name is DistantShadows. I have been on this amazing platform for about a little less than a month and wanted to make my grand entrance!

About me

I’m a high school coder with experience in both Python and Lua languages. I also am learning C# in unity. I love video games and hope in the future I can one day create something that millions will come and enjoy :slight_smile: !

My projects

Currently I’m the current studio lead for RotoBit Studios and work on most if not all of it’s projects in some way. I also am working on a Roblox game that will take place in the SCP universe…


  • Chromebooks
  • Genshin Impact (Personal option / Good graphics though)
  • Grove Street Games

My goal

While I am still in high school I want to be able to create a game that inspires that next generation of coders to dream big and start their coding adventures!

@DistantShadows - Studio Lead at RotoBit Studios


Nice intro, DistantShadows! (I can’t really say welcome to the community…)

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Thank you! This community has been extremely helpful and supportive. Thats why I don’t plan on leaving… Ever…


Welcome, glad to have you here!