I'm a newb and I can't understand what I've done wrong here

I’m a newb. I keep getting the same hello world output even tho I changed the code to an int. Can someone help me? https://replit.com/@Djwaxstyles/Hello-World

Hi @djwaxstyles I changed the link because you shouldn’t post join links on a public forum. Please read the guidelines to get some tips about how to post here safely.

With regard to your code when you click run it runs the Main.java file which you’ve hidden, not the HelloWorld.java file you’ve added.

You should put your new code in the Main.java file.

thanks. Sorry about the link

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No worries @djwaxstyles I just don’t want someone breaking your code accidentally. It has happened in the past.

Hello @djwaxstyles, after running your code it show the text “I am 45 years old” and not hello world. If you fixed it good job, and if you were not aware of this you are now. Have a good day!

My code is just learning code. Nothing to steal. hahahahahaha

It’s not about stealing, posting a join link means anyone who sees it can edit your Repl. Someone could easily just delete all your code. You can’t trust everyone.

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