If I make a private project as a core member will it still be private once I share it to free members?

If I buy the core plan and make a private project will it stay private once shared and made into a multiplayer project?

Will everyone have to purchase the membership?

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Good question. No, the free members do not need a paid plan to access a private Repl they were invited to. The Repl will stay private.

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Would this be a viable replacement for Teams for EDU? I Mean I could make a replit for each of my students and then collaborate with them, right?

:woman_shrugging: It’d work. But if you have a lot of classes with a lot of students and a lot of assignments then you may run out of Storage.

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True, but I could always buy more storage. It would be worth it to keep having the standardized environments. I don’t want to go back to supporting 200 college students running virtual machines!

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